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VIAM Summer Workshops

Start Time
29th August 2017 10:00 am
End Time
31st August 2017 3:00 pm
Thorpe C Of E Primary School, Rosemary Lane, Egham, United Kingdom   View map
01932 859667


Suitable for ages 9 – 17 years

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This event has passed

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August 29th - August 31st

10am - 3pm Daily

Age Groups suitable for 9 - 17years

Event Details

Further to past ten years of working with schools and children and staging Voice In A Million Concerts we have been delighted to see the increase of children applying to audition for our stage choir, and also
schools applying to perform on stage has trebled over the last two years.
With this in mind it had been more apparent that children in particular would benefit dramatically form coaching pre our stage choir auditions.
Therefore the VIAM team will be running a series of workshops over six days during the summer holidays pre our main audition sessions on September 17th
All performers will work not only on group numbers but also on one solo song that they will during the course of the workshop record and leave with their very own CD !
VIAM VOICE WORKSHOPS cover various elements integral to the success of any singer.
V O C A L  C O A C H I N G
After years of practical experience and specialist knowledge in the area of vocal coaching, The VIAM Team have created unique methods of developing individuals’ voices and their performance.

VIAM group singing lessons will equip singers to the highest level focussing on a healthy, strong technique whilst developing their own style and sound.

The VIAM Team works with singers to prepare them for studio recordings and live performances and has the facility to produce and record singers to a professional standard for their projects.

Sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the students however areas most commonly covered include:

    Breathing, support and control
    Improving range and power
    Vocal Placement
    Vibrato control and use
    Agility including “licks” and “adlibs’
    Tone quality and variety
    Pitching and control
    Vocal performance – phrasing, expression, dynamics
    Stylistic techniques
V O C A L  P E R F O R M A N C E  W O R K S H O P
VIAMs Vocal Performance Workshops are designed for singers who want to explore and develop their individual performance in a supportive environment focusing on:

        Presentation and stage craft and working with an audience
        Confidence building
        Lyric Interpretation
        Vocal and performance Delivery
        Expression and conveying emotion
        Microphone technique
        Connection with the audience and lyric
        Improvisation and melody variation

L I V E  R E C O R D I N G  M A S T E R C L A S S
VIAM Recording masterclasses offers vocalists the opportunity to work in a mobile recording studio environment.
sterclasses are engineered by profession sound recordist ensuring that singers get a genuine experience and leave with a high quality recording.

Over the course of the sessions there will be two group vocal numbers and these help singers get used to directing, communicating and performing with others
as well as organising arrangements and working on their vocal performance.

Each participant works on and records one song during the course focusing on:

        Communicating and interacting producer and engineer
        Working on arrangements and structure
        Vocal performance and recording skills


Additional information

Summer Workshop Dates

August 22nd – 24th, August 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th,30th,31st – Full Course, August 29th – 31st

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